MECHACERA ceramics instantly amplifies the oxidative decomposition power of Solid Chlorine by about 300 times to sterilize and inhibit Slime and Algae


In swimming pools, growth of Grime and Bacteria causes Slime and suspended solids in the bathtub and washing area. Therefore, maintaining clean water quality requires frequent cleaning and water changes, which can be costly. This alone does not remove the Slime in the filtration system and piping.

MECHACERA is made by sintering metallic powders such as iron and manganese at high temperatures, and is characterized by the fact that it catalyzes (instantly accelerates chemical reactions) when in contact with chlorine in water.

This catalytic action is applied to the circulation bath as well, which repeats the reaction while circulating pool water and hot water to continuously sterilize and deodorize (except for chlorine odor) to maintain hygienic water quality at all times.

Pool is sterilized by removing Slime from inside of the pool as well as from the filtration system and piping, and this circulating water is also used to rinse off the wash area and walls to remove Slime, sterilize, and prevent mold and mildew.

In addition, since Mechacera is used for the catalyst, there is no need for periodic replacement except for cleaning about twice a year, and it is economical.

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