Minimize the time and effort required for cooling tower and maintenance cleaning by Multi-Eco-III ?

Mechacera device (Circulating Water Purifier for Cooling Tower)


Following is advantage of Multi-Eco-III (pic. left) installed to a Cooling Tower

(1) Compact and economical model following the standard
Stainless Steel (SUS304) Can Body type.

(2) Running costs can be significantly reduced.

(3) Easy visibility of Solid chlorine consumption

(4) High concentration of Mechecera water (adjustable)

(5) Stable supply of high quality Mechacera water to Circulating water

(6) Chlorine concentration can be adjusted by ball valve (Red knob)

(7) Scale adhering to louvers and fillers are naturally peeled off.

(8) Scale adhering to louvers, fillers, etc. can be easily removed with a brush

Scale removal, Slime removal, Algae removal, Odor removal, Legionella bacteria sterilization.

Please refer to the YouTube video below.

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